Apache web sever on a $15 used PC running CentOS

A web server operating on my home network to showcase my IT projects.

Having a resume on a web site is very cool. Running your own Apache web server on your home LAN is very, very cool. I bought a used Dell PC and installed CentOS 7 Linux on it. Using CentOS’ YUM package management system I then installed Apache web server, PHP, and WordPress for the complete LAMP stack. I found out that the web site was not visible on the Internet.  I immediately started trouble shooting the issue searching a vast array of online resources. After a couple of trips to McDonald’s to use their WIFI and sip their coffee I was able to SSH into the server and remedy the problem.  In spite of initial frustration the trouble shooting process provided a wonderful learning opportunity and soon I was able to see the web site visible to the Internet.  DNS services are handled by GoDaddy. In the very near future I will include my IT skill set on the web site and post progress of my next project. I may set up BIND and run a DNS server of my own.

The whole goal of this project was to demonstrate my abilities with both CentOS Linux and networking. CentOS Linux was chosen as it very closely mirrors Red Hat Linux which is found commonly in production environments.

Thank you to both Centos and Apache for making their amazing software available free or charge.

Centos Linux

Apache Software Foundation

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