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Mike Ratel

Fascinated with all the things connected by Cisco, powered by Linux, and/or traveling through space.

Ratelnet is the web site of Washington, DC area IT professional Mike Ratel. Hosted on a used PC costing $15 and running Centos Linux, the web site serves to document IT projects.
Email: mikeratel@gmail.com

I am an experienced NOC technician with experience in triaging and troubleshooting network connectivity issues involving Cisco and other devices. While at the FDA I served as POC between the FDA NOC and the agency’s vendor for WAN connectivity working with their management to resolve escalated tickets. 

My home network consists of 8 hosts 6 of which run some variant of Linux. This web site along with www.brokenwireradio.com are hosted on Apache HTTP server running on Centos 7.